Discovery of our district
l’Aude, department with the multiple facets
and with the so diversified landscapes
(middle mountain, high mountain, lakes, seasides).
You are sportsmen, you will have only the embarrassment of the choice:
  on the spot, pedestrian courses VTT and, covered and discovered tennis, fishing,
  water level equipped to 10 km (Lac de la Cavayère, La ganguise,etc..),
 swimming pool at 8km (Montolieu et Montréal),
 canyoning, rafting, water sports,
 sea at 85 km,
  fish in the many rivers,
 golf at 10 km,
  skiing spots at 85 km.
for your children:
 Horseriding spots,
  Spectacle of chivalry every day in july in the City of Carcassonne,
 Australien park with its kangaroos,
 Animals reserve of Sigean,
 Space city in Toulouse.
You are impassioned by the old stones:
you will be able to visit the City of Carcassonne, the works of the Cannal du Midi, the many Cathare castles, Abbayes, Montolieu, the village of the book, etc...
You are epicureans, then prepare to taste yourselves:
The famous cassoulet and our marvellous wines(blanquette de Limoux, Cabardès, Minervois, Corbières - (misuse of alcohol is dangerous for healthy))
About animation, each season has its charm of course,
but you must remember the must:
 Festival of end of the year in Carcassonne with animations toboggans, fireworks the 24th December et etc…
 Palm Weekend at Limoux « Toques et clochers, a demonstration around the tasting of the chardonnay, meets between the vine growers of Sieur D' Arques, the best chefs and the bell-towers of our villages.
  In July the festival of Carcassonne in the ancient theatre of the City, the fireworks on the 14th Juillet.
  The first week of August the festival of Jazz at Roquefère
  The last week of August, the féria of Carcassonne.
  We are there to make you discover the charms of our area.
  If you prefer to organize your all alone stay, documents to guide you are placed at your disposal in the lodging, but you can also go surfer on the sites below:
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